July Update (2021)

Some of the stuff we've worked on during July:


In autumn of 2020, we've started work on a new REST API to replace the existing one, but after about a month, we've had to focus on more critical updates to our platform. Lots was done though! We've recently picked up the baton and made lots of progress. Technically, we're very close to launching it in beta. The new REST API will have better response objects, better documentation, paginated responses, multiple keys with both read and write permissions,  versioning and many other improvements over the old API that will make it a lot easier to integrate for anyone who gets the task.

Database optimizations

Since we have a db updates/changes window next week (scheduled downtime as a result of us migrating to a new db server), and also as a result of the above work, we've taken the time to review our short term and long term db architecture roadmap. There are a few good changes that I'm excited about that are coming soon. Even though few will directly impact our clients, all of them have cascading effects in simplifying the future development of our platform.

July Update (2021)
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