Loads of changes and improvements were implemented during the last 3 months, a list that culminated yesterday with the release in beta of the 1st HTML 5 & WebRTC based Pipe video recording client.

We’ll have a different blog post for that, for now let us delve into the newest Pipe updates.


  • Ability to select pre-recorded videos on Android devices
  • New preview for Pipe on Android devices in Pipe account’s embed area (pictured above)
  • Newly recorded videos are prioritized over the older ones that failed to convert and are currently in the retry queue. This way we ensure that there are as little wait times as possible between the recording process and finalization of the transcoding process.
  • Optimisations to the cloud infrastructure for video processing
  • The default dimension in the Pipe account area is now 400×300 (using the 300p video quality profile) to avoid Chrome’s pausing of the small 320×240 Pipe recorder
  • (S)FTP port and protocol are now saved with the (S)FTP logs for better tracking of possible erros that might occur
  • PPAPI Flash detection is now used by Pipe on Chrome on macOS to prevent Pipe from showing more than 1 audio source (there’s a bug between Flash Player in Chrome on macOS where the selection in OS’ settings is always used)
  • Updates to Pipe’s account UI: - improved video list
  • new loading animations for all sections
  • better tabbed menu navigation
  • Audio only vids and not stored vids are now properly represented with a different icon in the list of videos
  • More detailed status info for recorded videos with 4 states: - queued for transcoding
  • transcoding
  • successfully transcoded
  • failed to transcode
  • Updated jQuery to latest 1.x version: 1.12.4
  • Removed SWFObject from Pipe embeds in light of the changes regarding Flash content in Safari 10 and Chrome 56 (due at the end of January 2017)



  • Testing webhooks with querystrings and/or port numbers does not result in an error
  • Webhook URLs can now have up to 200 characters instead of just 100
  • Forward slashes in payload JSON data are not escaped with backslashes anymore
  • Payload string sanitizing for mobile recordings
  • Better language detection on Safari/Chrome on iOS and on Internet/Chrome on Android
  • Correct link for updating your payment details on newer Pipe accounts
  • Fixed issue with videos recorded from mobile not being assigned to the correct environment