We are constantly trying to make the best product that Pipe can be with each new iteration, by intertwining our vision with feedback from our clients.

Mobile Videos Cut to Length

We cannot control the length of the videos recorded from mobile devices. The OS of the devices does not permit specifying the maximum recording length from the browser.

To address this issue we’ve implemented a new option, which when activated, Pipe will cut videos recorded with a mobile device if they are longer than the Max Recording Time setting from the embed code. Existing videos prior to activating this option will not be affected.

By default this option is disabled. It can be accessed from the account area.

Disabling of Autosaving Videos

Until recently, all of the recorded videos were being automatically saved.

We’ve realized that this may not be helpful in some scenarios, for example if a user needed to make multiple recordings but only one will have been submitted, there was no way to decide which video recording was supposed to be the final version.

So we’ve implemented the option of disabling this when generating an embed code. The option can be found in the Embed tab.

A [Save] button will be shown in Pipe’s desktop recorder when the option is disabled, which when clicked will trigger the video saving, conversion and storing processes.

Save recording button in the desktop recording clientSave Button in UI

This can also be controlled through the new save() JS Control API.

Mobile Client is Now Translated

Pipe will automatically detect the language of the mobile browser in which it is run and will be displayed in that language if available, if not it will default to English.

At this time the available languages are the following: English, French, German and Spanish

Other Important Changes

  • New payment history table in the Billing page
  • Added HTTP Referer to all webhooks
  • Added thumbnail link attribute to /videos and /video REST API endpoint
  • Better onSaveOkdocumentation
  • Added usage examples for JS Events API
  • Added timezone to the account creation time info on the Account page
  • Removed Romanian translation because it is not detected by Pipe when running in Chrome
  • On mobile devices the upload button is disabled until a recording is made/selected
  • Improvements to the email we send when a payment fails