Pipe 0.8 Is Live

Pipe 0.8 Is Live

Pipe 0.8 brings some important changes to storage of videos and user experience.

Updated Storage

All the recorded videos from now on will be stored on our Amazon S3 storage and will be delivered from there. This influences the videos management tab and the webhook payload data (video url and snapshot url parts). The transition has been made seamlessly, so you don’t have to make any kind of changes.

Past recordings will continue to be kept on the old SSD and delivered from there if need be.

Multilanguage video recorder

We’ve implemented a feature that allows Pipe to be used in different languages. This comes in 2 layers:

  • Pipe will auto-detect the language of the OS in which it is run and will be displayed in that language if available.
  • The above behavior can be overridden by setting the new flash paramater lang in the embed code. Pipe already does this for you automatically, by detecting the language of your browser in this case. Using this option will force the language detected on all the pages where the embed code will be used. To make use of the other detection option described at point one, the lang setting will have to be removed.

So long story short, you can either force a certain language, or let Pipe automatically detect it for the user.

Pipe will default to English if the language set or detected is not available.

At this time the available languages are the following: English, French, German, Spanish and Romanian with their respective language files: en.xml, fr.xml, de.xml, es.xml and ro.xml.

Improvements to the videos list

The video list tab has been updated with the following:

  • Information about recording device names
  • Device orientation for mobile recordings
  • Larger and clickable thumbnails
  • Better grouping of information

Other Changes

  • Help text panel in the account management tab
  • Small documentation updates
Pipe 0.8 Is Live
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