It’s been a while since we’ve last updated Pipe’s Video Recorder Plugin for WordPress thus we strongly felt it was time for a revision.

So we’ve spent the last few weeks going through every line of code and functionality in an attempt to improve every aspect of the plugin. We’ve now focused the plugin around the 2 actions that it enables:

  • record a video from the backend (as an admin or member with backend access)
  • allow visitors or website members with frontend access to record a video

On top of that, the menu has been rearranged, sections have been renamed and better explanations have been added to each page. This will help both new users and existing users by providing a much more intuitive experience.

You can download the new updated plugin (now at the mighty 1.5 version) from the WordPress Plugin Directory or, if you have an old version (1.0.3 or older) installed, you can update it directly from your WordPress’ Plugins page in the admin area.