A 5x Increase In Our Platform Limits

A 5x Increase In Our Platform Limits

We've substantially increased some of the limits on the Pipe Platform.

5x Daily Recording Limits

The daily recording limits have been introduced during the early months of the 2020 Pandemic for new accounts. Since we made significant improvements to the platform, we are confident enough to increase these significantly.

Here are the new values:

  • Trial accounts: 500 recordings per day (old value: 100)
  • accounts with Standard subscriptions: 1250 recordings per day (old value: 250)
  • accounts with Pro subscriptions: 2500 recordings per day (old value: 500)

All accounts which have such a limit (those created pre-Pandemic don't) should see the new values in their account area.

By day we still mean the EET/EEST day.

If you feel you need the limit raised, please get in touch with us.

5x Max File Size For Uploaded Recordings

We have increased the size limit for uploaded recordings from 1GiB to 5GiB.

This limit applies to the following scenarios:

  • a user uploads an existing recording through our desktop recorder
  • a user uploads a recording through the mobile native recording client
  • you POST them directly to our private POST API

5x Default Max Recording Time

The default value for the maximum recording time in the embed section of the Pipe account area has been increased from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.

A 5x Increase In Our Platform Limits
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