4 Changes To Our Webhooks

4 Changes To Our Webhooks

Over the following month we are planning to revamp the number of webhooks and the data we send through them.

We’re doing these changes to:

  • better group webhooks around the video lifecycle
  • better group the data we POST around the associated event
  • better comply with GDPR.

So here’s what we will change over the next month:

  1. DONE: we’ll add two new webhooks: video_converted & video_copied_pipe_s3. These will replace the rather confusing video_transcoded.
  2. DONE:video_transcoded will be deprecated (it will still fire but you’ll not be able to add new ones )
  3. DONE: we’re adding md5 and sha-1 checksums to the 4 storage webhooks
  4. on the 25th of April we’ll remove unrelated data from video_transcoded and the existing 3 storage events (video_copied_ftp, video_copied_s3, video_copied_dbox)*

*That 4th change is the only one that might impact you since we’re removing data from the webhooks’ POST payload, data that’s unrelated to the event for which we’re sending the webhook. We’ve put together this document which highlights the unrelated data (in red) that will be removed starting with the 25th of April (one month from now).

With these changes our webhooks will be more accurately grouped around the 3 main events in the video’s lifecycle:

  1. video has been recorded (and will soon enter processing)
  2. video has been processed (conversion, snapshot extraction, rotation, etc..)
  3. video has been stored (our/your storage) and it’s ready for delivery

Events and their webhooks in the Pipe platform

We’ll be deprecatingvideo_transcoded because it’s too hard to explain when it actually fires.
It was our 1st webhook and a lot was put on it’s shoulders
. We’re now making things very clear by introducing 2 new webhooks ( video_converted and video_copied_pipe_s3). video_transcoded will continue to fire so as to not break existing integrations but you’ll not be able to add new events of this type.

These 4 changes will be rolled out over the next few weeks. We’ll update our changelog and Twitter when they’re live.

27th of March update: 3 out of 4 changes were implemented, view the changelog for details.

4 Changes To Our Webhooks
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