February & March 2022 Update

February 1 was the date we launched the new oAuth flow for our Sign In With Google feature. I've covered the update in more detail in A Proper Sign In With Google.

Since then, we've worked intensively on separating the account area from the website. The account area has been moved to https://dashboard.addpipe.com starting Monday, March 28. Users should see faster page load speeds, a few minor bugs have been squashed, we have more control over the hosting environment, there's a new category of internal links used for assets hosted by us and there's one less processor involved in processing the personal data on your Pipe account (our website hosting provider).

We've also worked on a new front-end Intercom implementation that encrypts the user data before being loaded in the browser and sent to Intercom. The default/basic Intercom web implementation exposes the user data as a JS variable that could be read by other scripts on the page. This new implementation isolates this data from 3rd party scripts like jQuery and Bootstrap. The new implementation also works across two properties: the new account dashboard and the Pipe website through a technical bridge. There's better backend integration too, which already helps us provide better support through Intercom.

Separately we've started and almost completed the effort to migrate our CentOS 8 machines to Rocky Linux. CentOS 8 reached End Of Life (EOL) on December 31, 2021. The eu2 region had to be temporarily moved offline as part of this effort.

February & March 2022 Update
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