June & July 2022 Update

Most of our work hours during June have gone into iterating on the export feature and preparing it for production. By the end of June we were ready to use it with a few clients. We silently released on it on the 29th of June. The blog post went live a month later after a few more iterations.

We also managed to publish some of our research & findings from our work during May in a blog post titled Using Gearman in 2022. This is strongly related to the flood of recordings we had to process at the beginning of May.

1st of July came with some changes to our pricing so the end of June and beginning of July were mostly focused on making sure these changes happen correctly. These changes took longer than expected because the new/updated prices set up in Paddle's backend - we use Paddle for subscription management and subscription payments - apply only to new subscriptions. This was undocumented behavior.

We've spent the rest of July on UTC related tech debt.

June & July 2022 Update
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