One thing we’ve been pondering on for a long while is removing the round up to the 1st minute we’ve had in place since launching and moving towards no round up. We had many discussions, arguments, and questions from clients about this move but the reality was that it only affected a few of our customers, the largest ones that are recording way past their monthly included quotas, and these customers always had other more important demands from us.

With practically no real impact the move was never high on our priority list.

But the arguments in favor were strong:

  • among those clients recording huge volumes, the old pricing is unfair towards those who record mostly short videos under 1 minute since those with most recordings over 1 minute basically pay per second
  • we needed to differentiate better between audio and video recording
  • we needed to make it easier for clients to total their recorded minutes and verify our calculations (export usage to .csv is next)
  • the round up to the 1st minute created unnecessary discussions with leads and future clients with low recording volumes

So during the summer of 2018 we finally allocated time and prepared the move.

The new prices in USD ¢/min will be as follows:

Minutes: 1st 10k minutes 10k-100k 100k-1M 1M-10M 10M+
Audio 1 0.95 0.9 0.85 0.8
Web video, up to 320px in width 2 1.9 1.8 1.7 1.6
SD video, up to 640px in width 3 2.85 2.7 2.55 2.4
HD video, up to 1280px in width 5 4.75 4.5 4.25 4
2k video, up to 2048px in width 10 9.5 9 8.5 8
4k 15 14.25 13.5 12.75 12

Since the price per minute changes, the minutes included in our 2 pricing plans change as well:

  • the Standard plan ($50/mo) will cover the cost of recording up to 5000 minutes of audio, 2500 of web video or 1666 minutes of SD video
  • the PRO Plan($200/mo) will cover the cost of recording up to 20000 minutes of audio, 10000 minutes of web video, 6666 minutes of SD video and 4000 in HD resolution.

The new prices will be applied starting with billing periods beginning in the month of October. For example, if your monthly billing period starts on the 14th of every month we will use the old prices for the September 14 – October 13 period and the new prices for the October 14- November 13 period.

As a result of the above calendar whoever subscribes during the month of September – and records more than the currently included quotas – will pay using the current prices – incl. the round up to 1st minute – for their 1st subscription month.

Our platform measures the length in hundreds of second increments. At the end of the billing month, we will add these length values up. Since we can not charge fractions of a cent, the final sum will be rounded up to the next cent.