January 2022 Update

January ended with the announcement that we've increased the max daily number of recordings limit, the max file size for uploads and the default max recording time by 5x.

But a lot more has been going on.

We've finally managed to pinpoint and fix an elusive low-sound issue on Chrome on Android. This issue has been quite a thorn in the side of our inline mobile recorder for Android. We've identified several older mobile devices that seemed to replicate the issue and bought such a device second hand.

Separately, we've laid the groundwork for splitting the website from the account area. They're both hosted on a shared hosting account which has served us well enough. The website will most probably be switched to a statically generated solution while the account area will be migrated to its own server.

We've also moved most externally hosted assets loaded by our website, blog, and account area to our hosting. We're talking Bootstrap, jQuery, external fonts, CSS  and JS files, etc. . This move ensures the IP of our visitors is not exposed to the 3rd party CDNs hosting these assets. Google Sign In's platform.js still remains for now but is next in line for removal. In cases where we can't avoid loading these assets from the origin - like with the libraries required by our payments provider - we've reduced to the minimum the number of pages where these assets are loaded.

January 2022 Update
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