Pipe 0.15 Is Now Live

After Pipe’s successful launch, we’ve continued to gather important client feedback. This new version of Pipe is the result of that.

New Webhook Events

We’ve implemented four new webhooks for the following events:

  • video has been recorded.
  • video has been uploaded to (S)FTP.
  • video has been uploaded to client’s Amazon S3.
  • video has been uploaded to Dropbox.

These can be setup from as usual from the [Webhooks] tab.

Tests can be sent for each individual type of webhook.

The updated webhooks section allows you to send test data for each type

If any of them fail, they can be resent from the videos tab exactly the same as the original video_transcoded webhook.

The REST API call for configuring the webhooks has also been updated.

For more details about the new webhooks you can view the updated documentation.

Editable Port Numbers

Until now we’ve only accepted the default port numbers, 21 for FTP and 22 for SFTP.

We’ve realized that this could be a problem and decided to allow the users to input their custom ports if needed.

Updated REST API

The GET request for the /video endpoint has been updated as so:

  • /video/all returns the following new data: our Pipe storage S3 link and the adjusted datetime dependent on the timezone set for when the video was recorded
  • /video/:id returns the following new data: our Pipe storage S3 link, the adjusted datetime and the current timezone set.

You can see the exact format in the updated request JSON responses in the documentation.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Improved billing section
  • Better explanation for the [Do Not Store] option
  • [Select all] option for the videos tab
  • Updated documentation for onCamAccess, onFlashReady and record()
  • FTP testing will now also test the file upload
  • Updated (S)FTP help panel
  • Fixed issue [Powered by Pipe] link going over the recording time when the menu was hidden
  • Fixed small issue with a JavaScript call order
  • Fixed issue with device names not being encoded correctly with UTF-8
Pipe 0.15 Is Now Live
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