Pipe is Now GDPR Compliant

Pipe is Now GDPR Compliant

As a European company, we’re glad to see the EU making updates to the aging data protection regulations from 1995. As you may know, GDPR, the new regulation, goes into effect tomorrow.

Today Pipe is at the end of a long 3 months plus journey we took to become GDPR compliant. On this road, we’ve taken a deep look at every interaction we have with personal data. We’ve now made changes to most parts of our platform. The latest changes have been rolled out today.

We’re now compliant both in relation to the personal data we process as controllers (your account details like name and email and information about our website visitors) and in relation to data we process as processors for you, our customer, the controller (audio & video recordings, metadata, snapshots).

The changes we’ve made have been covered in our GDPR overview page. Take the time to read it and if you have questions regarding both our or your compliance feel free to email us at hello@addpipe.com. We’re excited to discuss these matters.

Our compliance journey does not stop here. Moving forward we’ll periodically revisit our compliance and take necessary steps where needed. GDPR is a new legislation and we expect it’s understanding to evolve.

We’re strongly committed to protecting your and your user’s rights and data.

Pipe is Now GDPR Compliant
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