We’re updating our Terms of Service.

The updates should make it easier to understand what to expect when you use the service. There are no significant changes.

Here's what changed:

  1. Clarified terms like "termination", "termination of your Account", "account termination" and "suspend or terminate your account". Subscriptions can be cancelled. Accounts can be deleted. Service can be terminated.
  2. Clarified terms like "paying accounts" or "open account". Accounts can have a paid subscription attached.
  3. Clarified terms like "cancelling your account", "account is cancelled", "disable your account". Subscriptions can be cancelled, accounts can't. A cancelled subscription will eventually expire or expires immediately if cancelled past it's expiration date.
  4. Clarified the fact that there's a pro-rated payment involved for billing cycles in which there was an upgrade/downgrade to the subscription plan.
  5. Corrected the fact that when cancelling a subscription before the end of the billing cycle, the subscription will expire at the end of the cycle (not immediately).
  6. Clarified what might happen in the very rare occasion of very high usage/abuse: it can result in terminating or throttling any Service.
  7. Clarified that when you share your content hosted by us it might become public.
  8. Clarified the fact that there might be extra charges based on usage.
  9. Clarified the fact that the Data Processing Addendum is part of the "entire agreement between you and Pipe".
  10. Clarified clause covering changes to the TOS/DPA : you will be notified at least 14 days in advance regarding any future changes proposed to the Terms of Service and Data Processing Addendum.
  11. Updated contact information.

The new TOS are available at https://addpipe.com/terms-march-7th-2022 .

Please take your time to read our updated Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these changes, you have the right to withdraw from the Contract until 6th of March 2022. If you do not withdraw from the Contract until 6th of March 2022, we will consider that you agree to the changes and, consequently, the changes will come into force on 7th of March 2022.