Support for Safari 14

Support for Safari 14

Yesterday, in a surprise move, Apple silently released desktop Safari 14 ahead of the macOS Big Sur release.

Unfortunately, desktop Safari 14 removes Flash Player while at the same time it does not introduce support for the MediaStream Recording API. The feature is still under a flag (Develop > Experimental Features > MediaRecorder).

The MediaStream Recording API is a critical API for recording video directly in the browser. The API has been available in Chrome, Firefox and Edge for a few years.

We are thus forced to drop support for desktop Safari 14 until MediaRecorer support is turned on by default. That moment doesn't seem to be far though as we've seen lots of movement recently in the WebKit ticket related to this feature.

Starting today, our desktop recording client will start redirecting Safari 14 users towards other browsers:

The updated Pipe recording client on desktop Safari 14

The Record Video/Audio button will also be greyed out and disabled.

Safari 13 users will continue to be able to record using our old/legacy Flash-based desktop recorder.

Photo by bert sz on Unsplash.

Support for Safari 14
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