Standards Compliant Screen Capture in Chrome 72

Standards Compliant Screen Capture in Chrome 72

Chrome 72 was rolled out yesterday with support for navigator.MediaDevices.getDisplayMedia() turned ON by default.

You’re now able to capture and record/broadcast the screen of a user, a running app or a Chrome tab, plugin free, with Chrome 72.

For a quick demo use this demo/sample.

The code is as simple as pasting this in your console:

    video: true
    stream => {
        //attach the stream to a video element console.log("Awesome"); 
    error => {
        console.log("Unable to acquire screen capture", error);

We’ve covered the topic in more detail back in November when the feature was introduced in Chrome 70 behind a flag. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Use navigator.MediaDevices.getDisplayMedia() as per the new standard, NOT navigator.getDisplayMedia()
  • Edge, the 1st to support the function, uses **navigator.getDisplayMedia()**as per the older standard
  • Firefox 66 will also support the new function as per the bug report
  • With Chrome you can capture the entire screen, an application window or a Chrome tab
  • Desktop audio capture is not supported yet
  • Capturing DRM content will not work (Netflix in the browser)
Standards Compliant Screen Capture in Chrome 72
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