Starting with December 2017 Pipe will correctly record, process & store FullHD, 2k and 4k UHD/DCI videos.

Quick resolutions overview:

  • HD is 1280×720
  • FullHD is 1920×1080
  • 2k is 2048×1080
  • 4k UHD is 3840 × 2160
  • 4k DCI is 4096 × 2160

Since on desktop there is only one 4k commercially available webcam (the Logitech 4k PRO/Brio) and on iOS the video is automatically compressed before upload most of the large videos we process originate from mobile Android devices.

FullHD and 2k resolutions will be charged at 5¢/minute. FullHD videos have a surface area 2.25 bigger than HD videos which are priced at 3¢/minute. Both 4k resolutions will be charged at 10¢/minute. 4kUHD is 4 times as big as FullHD which will be priced at 5¢/minute.

Here’s how these resolutions compare (click for full size):

4k DCI, 4k UHD, 2k, FullHD & HD resolutions compared

Due to their size FullHD, 2k & 4k videos are considerably more CPU punishing when transcoding and occupy significantly more space.

These prices will be calculated against your monthly subscription fee starting with your next subscription period.

We do process a very small percentage of other resolutions in between those above so
the determining factor in our billing code is the width
. Everything above 1280px in width will be considered FullHD and charged at 5¢/minute. Everything above 2048px in width will be considered 4k and charged at 10¢/minute.