New EU region and EU Silo

New EU region and EU Silo

Today, we're introducing a new recordings processing region in Europe: eu2.

We're introducing this region to comply with CJEU's decision from 2020, which invalidated the Privacy Shield mechanism for transferring personal data between EU and US.

This region is fully hosted on infrastructure from EU companies. The compute/servers are hosted with Hetzner (Germany) in Nuremberg and, if you're using our storage, the files will be stored long term with Scaleway (France) in Amsterdam.

Switching to Scaleway for storage means there will be no CDN links for files hosted by us on eu2, but other than that, everything will work as expected.

The existing EU region (eu1) uses servers in the EU from DigitalOcean and long term storage in the EU from Amazon Web Services. Both are US companies.

The eu1 region will be eventually phased out. Any file stored by us on eu1 will remain there for as long as the account's subscription is active.

Switching to EU2

We'll soon reach out to clients who are specifically using the eu1 region to help them switch to eu2.  Switching is a simple process. We've prepared a simple 2 page switching guide and we recommend you read it.


  1. there's a new IP that's firing webhooks and pushing thorough FTP to your custom storage
  2. there's a new storage location for the recording files stored by us
  3. there's no CDN for these files

An EU silo for your data

This furthers our efforts to create an EU silo. Practically, with a simple tweak to the way our recording client is delivered, if you're using Pipe to capture and process recordings through the eu2 region, your users' personal data will not leave the EU or touch a non-EU company. We'll soon have a detailed guide on the topic.

New EU region and EU Silo
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