Simple Region Switching Guide: EU1 to EU2

This is a blog post version of a Google docs we shared with our clients when we introduced the EU2 region.

In September of 2021 we rolled out a new files processing region in the EU called EU2. This will be our main processing infrastructure in the EU moving forward. As opposed to the existing EU1 region, this one is hosted in the EU with infrastructure from EU companies.


Compute Provider

Long Term Storage Provider

Compute & Storage Location


DigitalOcean Inc. (US)

Amazon Web Services (US)

Amsterdam + Frankfurt


Hetzner (Germany)

Scaleway (France)

Nuremberg + Amsterdam

Why you need to switch

🥕 Reason 1: The EU2 region helps you comply with GDPR in light of the CJEU decision from 2020 which invalidated PrivacyShield as a mechanism for transferring personal data to the US or US companies. Since with eu2 we’re keeping the files in the EU with EU companies, there’s no international transfer anymore to DigitalOcean and AWS.

🥕 Reason 2: EU2 has been set up with better hardware and can cope with bigger loads.

🔧 Reason 3: We’ll eventually phase out EU1.

How to switch

You can switch from EU1 to EU2 from your Pipe account area’s edit environment page ( ) where you’ll find the Region dropdown. A new EU2 option should be present.

You need to switch all your EU1 environments.

What changes when you switch

If you’re using webhooks

The IP from which webhooks will be fired for recordings processed through eu2 is If you’re using a firewall, make sure you have it whitelisted in your firewall. The eu1 ip is

If you’ve set up Pipe to push the recording files through FTP or SFTP

The IP from which files will be pushed to your FTP/SFTP server from eu2 is If you’re using a firewall, make sure you have it whitelisted in your firewall. The eu1 ip is

If you use our complimentary storage:

The files processed through eu1 and stored by us are stored on an AWS S3 bucket. The files processed through eu2 and stored by us are stored with Scaleway.

As a result, the URI/URL to the files processed through the new eu2 region and hosted by us differs from those on eu1:

  • EU1 location:
  • EU2 location:


Important: All your existing recordings that are stored by us on eu1 will continue to be stored by us in their initial location on eu1’s AWS S3 storage. Their public URL will not change.

There will be no CDN links with the EU2 region. Scaleway offers no CDN with their object storage. CDN links for files hosted on our eu2 storage will thus not be available through the Pipe account area, webhooks or the REST APIs.

Simple Region Switching Guide: EU1 to EU2
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